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Ok I wont be updating a lot of the wordpress because in school, we have an end of the year project and its a really long assignment. So bye! But I will be updating once in a while


April Fools Day! and New April Fools Day Newspaper!

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What’s Up! Rey100 has some news about the April Fools Day Party.

Ok There is a new stuff on the party but first, the newspaper, here is the link:http://media.clubpenguin.com/artwork/news/2008/0327.swf

Now the party:

The party on CP is great! Some of the stuff from last year has returned. link the one on the Dojo:


Ill be putting the April Fools day and the Easter egg Hunt Picture for Funny Pics and I will also put CP pictures and where is the new stuff is.

On the Ice Berg, its a realistic picture of our world with ice in a pan. Here is the picture:


For the Cove, the new stuff is at the bottom on the water near the game where you can surf. If you put your mouse on the rock, the rock will lift and fall like you fell on a death trap. This is what the Cove looks like:


The Forest is upside down which is funny, and here is what it looks like: The First one is upside down and the second is what it will look like if its on its correct side.

april-fools-day-7.png  april-fools-day-8.png (Rey100: Your penguin will be uspide down too.)

The Plaza is weird, and you can pop the balloons on the bottom right. Pic:


The Pizza Parlor is like it’s made from a painting:


The Pet Shop is made out of fuzzy papers like i used to have in 1st grade:


The Snow Forts, the forts are melting and the poles are twisted. The letters and the place are weird:


Now You Figure out the rest of the places.



Happy April Fools Day!

Easter Egg Hunt

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 easter-egg-hunt-8.png easter-egg-hunt-7.png easter-egg-hunt-6.png easter-egg-hunt-5.png easter-egg-hunt-4.png easter-egg-hunt-3.png easter-egg-hunt-2.png easter-egg-hunt-1.png easter-egg-hunt.png 

Im doing this quickly because I got to go to a party.



Newspaper and Re-Edited Blog

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OK Im done with the ISAT for this grade and next year I have to do another one like this 😦 . But this Friday and next week, I have no school! w00t! Im on Spring Break. As you know this site was under construction. So I have new stuff and other things.

The newspaper link is:


New pin….St. Patrick’s Day Party and New Background

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Hey people its me Bob
The New Pin Is Located at the Boiler Room:
To get it off the shelf just move your cursor over it.

Next, The St. Patricks Day Party has started:
The free item is a giant st. patricks day hat:
It is located at the ski village.

Finally, the Space Adventure Play is back at the stage with a new background
(its for members and non-members):


New Music Video!!

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first off…
please subscribe to me click the link below..
Now heres my new music video:


The CPIP (Club Penguin Improvment project)

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OK Im a helper on CPIP and here are some pics about it:cpip-1.png cpip-2.png cpip-3.png cpip-4.png 

Things about CPIP:

  • Sign up! It’s easy. Enter your current penguin name and password below, then play like you normally would in Club Penguin: decorate your igloo, dress up, throw parties, play games and have fun with your friends.
  • The ‘real’ penguin you use normally in Club Penguin is NOT connected to the penguin you use for Server Test. They are two separate penguin accounts.
  • The server test ends on April 4. When Server Test ends on April 4, the site and all the penguins will be deleted.
  • Everything the team is testing is behind the scenes so you won’t see any visual changes to the game.
  • Please report bugs when you find them.
  • If you can’t login, it may be down for maintenance or filled with penguins. Check back later to find out if its open again.
  • Club Penguin Rules apply. If you find penguins breaking these rules, report them to the Club Penguin team.
  • You wont have any clothes on if your a non member, but if your a member, you can but the items there.
  • Thats about it for things you need to know
  • The New Stuff:

    On the book Room, there are 2 new books and its like a game. You have to type the words to continute with the story. For my opinion, I dont really like the game because I dont like typing that much.

    Thats about it